Florida Turnpike Testimonials

The excerpts below are from actual letters or success stories received from program participants across the Country. They are a true testimony to the many benefits received from participation.

Pilot feels the highway direction signs are very beneficial in directing motorists from the interstate to our business.
Linda S. Gee
We have found that they are a good investment. We feel they bring at the minimum a 10% to 15% increase in additional business.
Donald E. Mentzer, BP Mentzer Oil Company
Our research shows that the customers have “been trained” to look for these signs at exits.
Jack Reiner, Director of Business Development
At seventy miles an hour you really don't have a lot of time to communicate to your customer. Logo signing puts my highly recognizable Shell gasoline logo right where the customer is.
Rocky Trail, Trail's Travel Center
The signs are very professional and while I can not provide you with exact figures, I am confident that the signs have had a great impact on our business.
Kathy Samuelsen, Administrative Assistant
Many of our customers have mentioned the signs when they visit our store, which tells us they are seeing the signs and they are drawing the customer to our location.
Donna Prince, General Manager
Sapp Bros.
In my best estimate, I would say that my business increased by around 15% as a result of interstate signage.
Jay Goldwasser, President
Highway Logo advertising has proven to be the most effective form of advertising resulting in substantial increased sales for the advertising client.
Vincent Walsh, Outdoor Advertising Consultant
Perkins Restaurant
Years of experience have taught us that the loss of logo signs results in significant loss of sales. Testimonials from customers and employees have convinced us of the value of this program to the traveling public. Highway logo signs have become something they depend on for all of their needs.
Carl Crews, Field Marketing Manager
Bob Evans
I believe that the signs are directly responsible for at least 5% of our annual sales. The Florida Logo Sign is the most cost effective form of advertisement we use.
Bob LaRocca
Red’s Backwoods BBQ
Our business is showing good increases, and the new sign has given us a better visibility to our customers. The sign is very professional and the directional arrows have helped us to compete with the national chains.
Carolyn Harrison, President
Halo Burgers
The program is a beneficial marketing tool for our restaurants and great for the hungry traveler. Having our logo on a board is instrumental in our sales showing an increase.
Anita Martinez, Logo Board Administrator
Waffle House
In the advertising business it is sometimes hard to quantify what exactly is working for you. The interstate logo program is one that you can pin point as being a value from a sales building and cost standpoint. Once up we have always seen a sales increase.
Dunkin' Donuts
We continue to use highway logos because they help drive business to our locations and are a vital part of our advertising budget. The cost is minimal for the exposure that we get.
Mollie Henefield, Marketing Manager
Taco Bell
We feel the interstate logo program provides us a solid return on our advertising dollars and will continue to make it an integral part of our marketing efforts.
John M. Rodriguez, Vice-President Marketing
We have had the logo signs now for only a few months but already have seen a measurable seasonal increase in occupancy and revenue.
David Hague, Advertising Director
Sleep Inn & Suites
The signs are clear, easy to read and well maintained. I could not be more pleased with such an important and useful form of advertising.
Alan Waner, General Manager
Holiday Inn Express
This business has been in location for over 25 years and historically had mainly local and repeat customer patronage. We have seen casual traveler customers from the highway go up to 30% of our business.
Harry Patel, Owner Operator
Mountain Top Inn
Interstate Logo Signs have been a great asset to our business for the past several years. We have seen several customers come off the interstate because of the signs and we hope to continue with the program for many years to come.
David Salcfas, General Manager
Courtyard Marriott
Our primary goal was to direct and let customers know where we are. We are located in a rural area so it is important for people to know that we exist.
Kathy Jarvis, Owner
The Historic Afton House
The logo advertising locations provide excellent outdoor coverage. The logo programs are an excellent economic way to direct travelers to our properties.
Donna O. Fincher, Outdoor Media Coordinator
Motel 6
We have always felt that it is money well spent. Any way that you can get the traveling public to pull off of the interstate or highway to your door is very much a plus. John J. Calhoun, Owner
John J. Calhoun, Owner
Holiday RV Park
We are very pleased to have our business trade name displayed on an interstate highway sign and trailblazers directing customers to our business.
Rick and Susan Poss
St. Paul East RV Park
Many of our customers say they have stopped in after they have seen our highway signs. As we have acquired new properties Florida Logos is one of the first companies I call to start marketing our new resorts.
Encore RV Resorts
The increased visibility for our facility for out of town and first-time guests has been outstanding. The signs are also great for local traffic, letting them know Paradise Park is right around the corner.
Jon Ellis, President & CEO
Paradise Park
Almost everyday we have someone visit our winery solely because of the interstate sign. I am sure the cost of the sign paid for itself in three months.
Jerry and Joannie Smith
River Ridge Winery